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Our activities in 2023

Organizing rallies

Global international action in support of Alexei Navalny and political prisoners in Russia and Belarus: Geneva 22.01.23

Worldwide anti-war action on the anniversary of the all-out war: rallies in Zurich on Stadthausanlage 25.02.23 and Geneva on Place des Nations 26.02.23

Global protest action Save the Children from Putinism 30.05.23 in front of the Russian Embassy in Bern

International action in solidarity with Alexei Navalny and other political prisoners in Russia: Zurich 03.06.23, Geneva 04.06.23

Putin is a Killer rally: Zurich 19.08.23 (with a speech by Swiss National Council member Fabian Molina), Geneva 20.08.23

Meetings with prominent politicians

Meeting with Vladimir Ashurkov in Zurich 14.03.23. As well as meeting in parliament between SP and Ashurkov

Meeting with Ivan Zhdanov, Geneva 09.06.23

Meeting with Lev Ponomarev: Zurich 26.10.23

Events for letters to political prisoners

1000 Days in Detention action: Geneva 15.10.23

Postcards to political prisoners: Zurich 08.12.23, Geneva 10.12.23


Solitary confinement installation in Geneva on Place des Nations 10.06-18.06.2023

Community presentation at the Slavic seminar Slavisches Seminar der Universität Zürich

Returning the Names action in Geneva 29.10.23

Project in a Zurich gymnasium (conversation with high school students studying the Russian language and the history of modern Russia)

Postcard to Diplomat campaign: postcards were made from drawn images of several political prisoners and addressed to Russian diplomats in Switzerland

Participation in the online project Platform, to maintain contact with activists and anti-war initiatives in other countries


Together with other Swiss NGOs initiated a petition on taxation of war super profits -

Defense is Not Complicity: a petition initiated by the Department One Human Rights Project demanding an end to the persecution of lawyers

Appeal to the international community leaders to recognize the election results as illegitimate

Anti-war conferences/congresses

05-06.06.23 meeting in Brussels at the European Parliament

26-28.11.23 Brussels, Antiwar Initiatives Congress

21-22.10.23 Berlin, The Russian Anti-War Committee - Strategy for Joint Action

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