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Future Russia—Switzerland 🇨🇭

Our community brings together Russians and Russian-speaking residents of Switzerland. Our goal is to promote and apply the principles of democracy, the protection of human rights and the development of civil society in Russia. Together we plan, support and organize various events in Switzerland and abroad.


Встреча с Дмитрием Низовцевым в Женеве

Приглашаем вас на встречу с Дмитрием Низовцевым, ведущим YouTube канала «Популярная Политика».

Женева, пятница 31 мая, 19:00

Вход бесплатный, регистрация обязательная.

Impact Hub Geneva
Rue Fendt, 1
1201 Genève


Our community opposes Russian aggression in Ukraine, and we demand an immediate stop to this war. We demand respect for human rights and freedoms in Russia, and we demand a halt to the persecution of Russians for their anti-war stance and criticism of Putin's criminal regime.

We organize rallies, concerts, meetings and events to help achieve the goals of the community. Here you will find information about our activities in 2023 and on our Facebook page announcements of upcoming events.

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