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Our values

The values of democracy, human rights and freedoms are fundamental for us. We are fully committed to the principle of freedom of expression for all Russians and those living in Russia. In our activities and aspirations, we do not accept the infringement of anyone's rights and dignity on the basis of citizenship, gender, religion, or any other criteria.

Our activities

Our community is engaged in informing the Swiss public about the situation with human rights and freedom of speech in Russia, disseminating current information about events there, in particular, about the state of civil initiatives. We cooperate with representatives of authorities, organizations, parties, diasporas and other public associations both in Switzerland and abroad on issues of democratic changes in Russia. We support those persecuted by the Russian government and authorities.


Our community does not represent political parties or government agencies. We do not lobby for private interests, but promote the projects of our members and friends in the field of civil society, solidarity and human rights. Our community is non-commercial, non-denominational and non-profit.​

Our position on the war in Ukraine

The illegitimate Putin regime in Russia is waging a criminal and senseless war against Ukraine. We are against Russian aggression in Ukraine. We demand an immediate end to the war! We demand the observance of human rights and freedoms in Russia, we demand an end to the persecution of Russians for their anti-war position and criticism of the criminal Putin regime. As long as the war continues, we regularly go to rallies in support of Ukraine and against Russian aggression.


We demand the release of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Russia and stop the deportation of Ukrainians to Russia against their will. We are for the return of all the occupied territories to Ukraine and, in general, for the change of the centuries-old aggressive colonial policy of Russia to such methods as discussion and voting in compliance with international legal norms. We are for the recognition of Russian international crimes by the new Russian government and for a joint discussion to resolve their consequences and causes.

White-blue-white flag

Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine white-blue-white flag became a symbol of protest for Russians with an anti-war stance. Our community accepts this flag as their symbol and conducts their events under it. The flag is a variation of the national flag of Russia, but without the red stripe. It symbolizes the rejection of aggressive and repressive policies, as well as the hope for a free, democratic Russia.

Our activities
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