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Noon Against Putin in Switzerland

On 15-17 March 2024, the presidential election will be held in Russia, the results of which, unfortunately, will not reflect the real opinion of citizens.

We urge everyone who disagrees with Putin's politics, who stands against war and injustice, to go to their polling station on the last day of voting, 17 March, at 12:00. In Switzerland, polling stations are open in Bern (Brunnadernrain 37) and Geneva (Avenue de la Paix 15). Bring your passport with you.

Actions at the polling station can vary: vote for any candidate other than Putin, spoil your ballot paper by putting 2 ticks on it, or take it with you. It is important to gather at the same time and realize exactly what the authorities are most afraid of - that we are the majority.

We can make this action truly massive, it only takes a little effort. Tell your friends about Noon against Putin- #ПолденьПротивПутина , share the information on social networks.

17 March 2024, 12:00.

At the polling stations.

Against Putin, against war!

Campaign website:

Telegram bot for your photos: @poldenprotivbot

Noon Against Putin in Switzerland

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