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The National Council will hold a vote on Switzerland's participation in the international REPO Working Group on the implementation of economic sanctions against the Putin regime.

Updated: Apr 18

On April 17, 2024, the National Council of the Swiss Parliament will vote on Switzerland's participation in the international REPO working group on the implementation of economic sanctions against the Putin regime. The proposal was made by Franziska Ryser, MP and member of the Green Party. The community Future Russia - Switzerland supports this proposal and calls on parliamentarians to vote in favor of its adoption.

What is REPO?

Shortly following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Commission launched the Russian Elites, Proxies, and Oligarchs (REPO) Task Force, a multilateral effort that has used information sharing and coordination to isolate and exert unprecedented pressure on sanctioned Russian individuals and entities. The REPO Task Force has successfully used their respective authorities to track Russian sanctioned assets and heavily restrict sanctioned individuals and entities from accessing the international financial system.

These efforts have denied regime insiders access to revenue streams and

economic resources used to support Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. The REPO Task Force’s collective efforts have resulted in the freezing of tens of billions of dollars and the freezing or seizure of high-value goods or property.

Franziska Ryser's motion calls on the Federal Council to take the necessary steps to ensure that Switzerland joins the international REPO working group on economic sanctions against the Putin regime as soon as possible and takes all necessary measures to ensure full and active compliance with the sanctions. To date, there is no such formal "working group" in Switzerland. As the custodian of Russian assets and an important transshipment point for Russian raw materials, Switzerland bears great responsibility for the effectiveness of measures to bring the destructive aggressive war against Ukraine to a rapid end.

Statement of the community "Future Russia - Switzerland"

We, a community of Russian citizens residing outside of our homeland, Future Russia - Switzerland, are reaching out to advocate for Switzerland's participation in the Russian Elites, Proxies, and Oligarchs (REPO) Task Force. As observers of the evolving geopolitical landscape, we believe Switzerland’s inclusion in this coalition is critical to fostering global stability and legal integrity.

Direct Impacts on Swiss, European and Global Interests:

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine affects the entire international community, especially Europe and this is also including Switzerland. Switzerland’s engagement in the REPO Task Force would solidify its role in global economic stability and security efforts, ensuring that Swiss interests are much better safeguarded in a rapidly changing world. This is also critical taking into consideration that European Union is the key partner for Switzerland in many important areas such as economy, culture, education and many others, but the most important in the current sense political and security cooperation. 

Legal and Ethical Considerations:

The REPO Task Force is committed to upholding international law and protecting human rights. Switzerland's renowned commitment to these principles would seriously strengthen the task force's legitimacy and efficacy and REPO Task Force can greatly benefit from Switzerland being part of it as a guardian of international law. With that your participation is crucial in ensuring that all actions are executed within an ethical and legal framework.

Transparency and Accountability:

We recognize Switzerland's exemplary dedication to transparency and accountability. Your involvement in the REPO Task Force would elevate the group’s operations, ensuring that activities are conducted openly and with rigorous oversight, which is vital for maintaining international trust and cooperation.

Provision of Crucial Information:

Our community, Future Russia – Switzerland, is positioned to provide valuable insights that could assist Swiss members of the REPO Task Force. Through collaboration with journalists and organizations like the FBK, we have access to extensive data regarding Russian officials and oligarchs who may be attempting to evade sanctions using Swiss-based entities or by hiding assets in Switzerland. Our cooperation could be instrumental in identifying and acting against such violations, enhancing the effectiveness of the sanctions and promoting legal compliance.

As advocates for justice and peace, we urge Switzerland to consider this unique role that it can play in this international effort. Our community is eager to support Swiss authorities by sharing our knowledge and insights to ensure that those who undermine global peace are held accountable.

We are hopeful that our offer to collaborate will underscore the tangible benefits that Swiss participation in the REPO Task Force could bring.

Thank you for considering our perspective. We look forward to the possibility of a fruitful collaboration that enhances global peace and upholds the rule of law.

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