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The demonstration of the Russians against Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Geneva, 26.02.2023

Despite the wind and cold from the hurricane on Sunday in Geneva, around 60 Russians gathered at Place des Nations on the anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine to say in their own name and on behalf of millions of repressed people in Russia that they are against this war, demand the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, including Crimea and Donbass, and full compensation for the damage caused.

As part of the global international action, on the anniversary of a full-scale war, similar anti-war demonstrations by Russians took place in more than 100 cities around the world.

Month after month, the Geneva demonstrators recalled the highlights of this year of war and the social events that accompanied it in Russia: the bombardment of cities and the death of the civilian population, the forced deportation of adults and children, total censorship and propaganda madness, repressions, unprecedented prison sentences for dissidents, etc. Each month was marked by a white flower and a candle in memory of the victims.

The demonstrators pointed out that many Russians do not support Putin's aggression. On February 24, a petition was launched in Russia demanding an immediate end to the war in Ukraine, which garnered a million votes in just 4 days. In addition, several Russian professional communities issued open letters against the war, signed by thousands of people. Despite massive repression, in January this year, after the tragedy in the Ukrainian Dnieper, when a rocket struck a residential building and killed dozens of people, 100 spontaneous memorials to the memory of the victims of the strike appeared throughout Russia.

Moreover, the demonstrators pointed out that Putin has no right to speak on behalf of Russians, because for many years he has been rigging elections and is therefore not a legitimate representative of the Russian people.

Our duty is to do everything, everything in our power, to help Ukraine and democratic Europe to defeat the aggressor.

We warmly thank Swiss citizens and politicians for their support for the Ukrainian people! We ask you to continue to support Ukraine and its citizens.

We sincerely thank the Swiss diplomats in Russia who show their support by attending the hearings of Russian men and women threatened with monstrous prison sentences for a few words against the war.

We believe that one day Russia will become peaceful, respectable and democratic again. Keep this faith in your hearts too.

Victory to Ukraine! Freedom to Russia and Belarus!

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