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Organization structure

This page lists the main organizational units and community working groups. For security purposes, we do not publish the names of the founders and members of working groups in the public domain.


“Future Russia—Switzerland” carries out its activities Community in accordance with paragraph 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. Accordingly, the community has a number of founders who ensure its work in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Coordinating Council

In addition to the formal structure of the organization, our community includes a coordinating council whose members are elected by voting within the community. Currently, the original council, formed when the organization was created, is in operation. The date of the elections will be determined after the formation of the structure of the community and its official registration.


  • Members of the coordinating council

  • President: elected by the members of the Community

  • Treasurer: elected by the members of the Community

  • Secretary: elected by the members of the coordinating council

Working groups

The community has the following working groups:

  • Events

  • Public Relations and Media

  • Suisse Romande press office

  • Contact group “Politics”

  • Social media and content

  • Translations, by language

  • Help group for refugees from Ukraine and Russia

  • Collaboration with “Kovcheg”

  • IT infrastructure

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