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Russians Abroad: Actively Opposing Putin’s regime, Supporting Ukraine

As the world gripped in horror observed the 2nd anniversary of Putin's unprovoked full scale invasion of Ukraine, some might ask - why are Russians silent? Why don’t Russians speak out against the war?

Russians protesting against the war in Ukraine. Bern, Switzerland
Russians protesting against the war in Ukraine. Bern, Switzerland

Now, more than ever it is critical to emphasise that Russians do not stand by in silence. While many voices inside Russia are muffled by repressions that no individual can defend against, Russians across the globe channel those voices and protest against the war. Here at Future Russia - Switzerland, a community of Russians and Russian-speaking residents of Switzerland, we unequivocally condemn the war and are doing everything to ensure that Russia becomes a free and democratic country, offering its neighbours nothing but beneficial cooperation and mutual growth.

Our mission is clear: to promote and uphold the principles of democracy, human rights, and a thriving civil society in Russia. This dedication translates into tangible actions. We organise and take part in rallies and demonstrations, like the solidarity marches in Bern and Geneva on the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion. The full list of our actions is available at our community page. To call out just a few - in 2023 we exhibited a replica of Navalny’s solitary confinement cell in Geneva and held a public meeting with Lev Ponomarev, the founder of “Memorial”, one of Russia’s most respectable and oldest human rights organisation. In February 2024 we ran the Faces of Russian Resistance exhibition in Zurich attended by multiple Swiss politicians and hundreds of members of the public. Through these public displays, we voice our opposition to the war and stand in unwavering support of Ukraine.

We actively engage with our local environment, encouraging members to participate in these events, and work with local authorities. We believe raising awareness and influencing policy decisions are crucial steps towards achieving peace and accountability. We also advocate for the rights of those who fight against the regime, whether through petitions, letters of support, or highlighting the plight of political prisoners. The murder of Alexei Navalny in the penal colony on February 16, 2024 became a grim reminder of the grave danger threatening every political prisoner who challenged the criminal regime and spoke out against the criminal war.

Our efforts are not isolated. Future Russia - Switzerland is part of a global network of Russians abroad united in their opposition to the current regime and their desire for a democratic and peaceful Russia. From Berlin to Sydney, Buenos Aires to Tokyo, Russians across the globe are organising, raising their voices, and lending their support to the Ukrainian people.

This international effort demonstrates the power of collective action and the diversity of voices within the Russian population. We, at Future Russia - Switzerland, are proud to stand alongside our fellow citizens around the world, working towards a brighter future where the values of democracy, human rights, and peace prevail in Russia and beyond.

If you are wondering how you can contribute, here are 3 simple options:

  • Tell your friends about us so that they don’t think that all Russians agree with Putin and are silent

  • Ask your Member of Parliament what he/she is doing to block Putin’s funding and to support the initiatives of anti-Putin Russians, in particular, to provide protection to those persecuted in RussiaHeute ist es wichtiger denn je, zu betonen, dass die Russ:innen nicht schweigend zuschauen. Während viele Stimmen innerhalb Russlands durch Repressionen, gegen die sich niemand wehren kann, gedämpft werden, dienen Russ:innen in aller Welt als Sprachrohr und protestieren gegen den Krieg. Hier bei Russland der Zukunft – Schweiz, einem Verein von Russ:innen und russischsprachigen Menschen der Schweiz, verurteilen wir den Krieg unmissverständlich und setzen alles daran, dass Russland ein freies und demokratisches Land wird, das seinen Nachbarn nichts als vorteilhafte Zusammenarbeit und gegenseitiges Wachstum bietet.

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